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Apple Turnovers Recipe

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Vegan Apple Turnovers

Vegan Apple Turnovers

If you’re craving yummy sweet flaky pastry, you’ve come to the right place. Another classic dessert option here in the UK! Vegan apple turnovers also make a great little ‘portable pastry‘ to take with you out and about, to a picnic or just as a snack.

I always cook my apples beforehand, otherwise I find they can shrink inside and you don’t get as much filling as you’d like! It also means that you can just focus on getting your pastry cooked to perfection, rather than having to worry about the apple inside too.


Servings: 6

Total Time: 35M


  • 4 cooking apples
  • 6 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)
  • Water
  • 1 sheet ready rolled vegan puff pastry (I use Jus-Rol which is accidentally vegan!)
  • 2 tbsp vegan margarine


  • STEP 1: Preheat oven to 200c. Peel your cooking apples and chop them into about 1cm cubes.

  • STEP 2: Place your apples into a large pan along with 2 tablespoons of sugar and 6 tablespoons of water. Cook on a medium heat until your apple is nice and soft, but not mushy. Set your mix to one side to cool completely. (To speed up the cooking, you can spread it out on a large tray.)

  • STEP 3: Lay your pastry out and cut down the middle and then decide each strip into 3. Then melt your vegan margarine in a mug in the microwave, you’ll need a pastry brush!

  • STEP 4: Place a tablespoon of mix in the centre of each piece of pastry, then brush the reminding pastry on show with margarine.

  • STEP 5: Fold your pastry over and then press down along the edges with your fingers, and then with the back of a fork to seal.

  • STEP 6: Place on a papered tray and then brush each one on top with your margarine, then stab 2 or 3 little holes in the top of each.

  • STEP 7: In a small bowl mix together your remaining sugar and your cinnamon and the sprinkle over the top of your apple turnovers!

  • STEP 8: Bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown! You can either serve them warm with some vegan custard or ice cream, or leave them to cool and eat them over the next 3 days.

How did your turnovers turn out?

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Written by Amy Northwood
My passion for food and conservation has led me to where I am now! My aim is to show people that veganism can be diverse, tasty and adapted to fit every lifestyle and budget!
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