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Quick and Easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse (with Aquafaba)

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Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

Quick and Easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse (with Aquafaba)

When I first discovered aquafaba (chickpea water) I couldn't believe it had so many uses. Something I had been pouring down the sink for years, could be used to make the easiest and most delicious vegan desserts I had ever seen!

My own take on this popular dessert uses sugar, as personally I have a sweet tooth, but for a healthier mousse you can skip adding the sugar completely, and just have the richness of the chocolate. You can also use other flavourings than vanilla to get a different taste, I've tried both orange and mint flavourings and both are amazing.

When you’re whipping up your aquafaba, for the sake of your arms you really need an electric mixer. It’ll take about 5-10 minutes at a high speed, you want to be able to turn your bowl upside down and the fluffy peaks to stay exactly where they are, only then is it thick enough to continue.

When you mix the chocolate mixture in, you’ll look at your beautiful peaks disappearing and panic you’re doing something wrong, you’re not! Persevere, you will lose quite a bit of the consistency but as long as you’re being gentle and are folding the mixtures together rather than mixing you will be fine. They set again once they’re in the glasses/jars.

I’m so excited to hear what you all think of this one, so make sure you let me know in the comments below how you got on!


Total time: 30 minutes.

Yield: 4 servings


A 400g tin of chickpeas

150g Vegan dark chocolate

A good splash of almond milk (any milk substitute will do)

60g icing sugar (optional)

1tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Fresh fruit to garnish (optional)


1.) Break your chocolate up and gently melt in a bowl over a pan of hot water on a low heat. Adding your almond milk here will stop the mix becoming too stiff, and will aid melting. Once melted, move to one side and allow to cool. This is when you should mix in your vanilla extract and your icing sugar.

2.) Drain your chickpeas over a bowl (it's the liquid from the tin you want, rather than the chickpeas themselves) and then using either a free standing mixer or an electric hand whisk, whisk the aquafaba until it forms large white peaks. This will take around 5-8 minutes with a standing mixer, but longer with a hand whisk. The good thing about aquafaba is that (unlike egg) you cannot over whisk.

3.) Your aquafaba should be light and firm, and you should be able to hold the bowl upside down without it moving at all. At this point you want to check your chocolate has cooled enough, if your chocolate is too warm, it may cause your mouse to deflate too much. If your chocolate has set by accident, simply warm it for 5 seconds at a time in the microwave until it’s soft and runny enough to mix in.

4.) Fold your chocolate mix into your aquafaba, trying to keep as much air in as possible. Don't worry if your mix deflates slightly, this is normal.

5.) Once combined, either spoon or pipe your mix into glasses and place in the fridge to fully set! Garnish with whatever fruit or decorations you like just before serving!


What did you think of this recipe? Did you do anything differently? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Don’t forget that you can share all your foodie makes with us using the hashtag #HBivore.

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Written by Amy Northwood
My passion for food and conservation has led me to where I am now! My aim is to show people that veganism can be diverse, tasty and adapted to fit every lifestyle and budget!
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