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Cauliflower Rice

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Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice

I was at a dinner at Jack's house recently where someone question is anyone actually genuinely likes cauliflower, or if it’s just such a plain vegetable that everyone just tolertes it because you can put it in so many different things, and this got me thinking...I genuinely do LOVE cauliflower. If this makes me the weirdo then so be it, but I’m not ashamed to admit it, so when i came across cauliflower rice i couldn’t believe my luck. 

My first experience was a ready made reduced to clear pack in tescos and I thought ‘why not’. It’s way healthier, lower in calories, full of all the health benefits of cauliflower, and whats more is it’s even better if you make your own!

You can use this in salads, as a side dish to dinner, as an ingredient in many amazing vegan dishes or even just as a quick fix snack with some other veggies thrown in. Dress it up or dress it down, cauliflower rice is the plain jane start point for your foodie adventure.

You can use either a hand grater or a food processor, both work just as well but obviously it’ll be a bit more of a workout if you’re grating it by hand!



Yield: 6-8 portions (depending on use)

Total Time: 5 minutes 


  • 1 head of cauliflower



  1. Remove any green leaves from your cauliflower and then cut up. If you’re grating by hand you’ll want to leave the florets bigger, but if you’re using the grater function of your food processor you’ll need to cut them smaller. Give them  wash and then pat them dry thoroughly with a clean kitchen towel. Any moisture will make your dish soggy.

  2. Either grate on the medium side or run through the food processor and you’re done! Cauliflower rice can be enjoyed raw or is really quick and easy to cook by sauteing, steaming or using as directed in a recipe!



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Written by Amy Northwood
My passion for food and conservation has led me to where I am now! My aim is to show people that veganism can be diverse, tasty and adapted to fit every lifestyle and budget!
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